Top 10 romantic movies

top 10 romantic movies

Looking for a romantic movie to watch during Date Night or Valentine’s Day? You certainly will not go far wrong with any of these movies, some of these have been classed as the top romantic movies of all time, which means they are most likely going to be a bit entertaining for you as well!

10. The Notebook

I have a genuine reluctance to include any Ryan Gosling movie in any list. However, I am going to be perfectly honest. This is a beautiful story and the acting isn’t too shabby either. What makes it romantic? Well it follows a couple throughout their journey to be together, and every stage of their lives. It is sublime, and you may even notice parts of your relationship shine through here.

9. Pretty Woman

A classic movie here starring none other than Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. This movie tells the story of a relationship which occurs despite all odds stacking against it. This is high on the list of every woman’s favourite movies. You should therefore check this out if you want a perfect evening.

8. The Wedding Singer

Yes, this is a comedy movie however there are a number of sweet moments dotted throughout the movie. It doesn’t have quite the same emotion as some of the others on this list, but it is great fun to watch for both men and women alike.

7. Gone with the Wind

This is without a doubt one of the most romantic movies in the world. You have most likely seen it before (perhaps under duress) and be honest, you shed a tear! However, this remains as one of the greatest romance stories ever told, and it is certainly a must see!

6. Dirty Dancing

If you have never seen Dirty Dancing then prepare to feel the wrath of the woman you are with. This dramatic love story will be the next movie she puts into the DVD player and you will be forced to watch this turbulent love story from start to finish. It isn’t too bad either, and the songs are great! Easily one of the most romantic movies of all time.

5. Titanic

Yes, the movie is based around one of the greatest commercial marine disasters of all time, but you have to hand it to James Cameron, he created a beautiful love story around it which will bring a tear to the eye of every person that has a soul. P.S. The ship sinks at the end.

4. You’ve Got Mail

A romantic comedy with a bit of a difference, when it was released, online romances were new, they were special. Now everybody has one. However, this movie touches a chord about how people can be brought together based on personality alone. A great love story from start to finish, and it is funny as well!

3. Love, Actually

We almost got to the end without having a Hugh Grant movie on the list, but you knew it was coming. This is an incredibly British affair, and it is actually pretty good. You won’t be shedding a tear due to the romance, but it certainly will have you laughing out loud! It is a must watch.

2. Casablanca

Oh boy, this is fantastic! Need I say more about his classic romantic movie. This is certainly one that is going to cause you to cry, so make sure you have those tissues ready!

1. When Harry Met Sally

It seems all of the best romantic movies have people coming together against the odds, and this is certainly no exception. This movie has one of the most romantic scenes of all time as well, I assure you, this is one movie you are going to love!