Simple yet Romantic Things to Say to Make Him Fall for You

You have a huge crush on this guy and you fall head over heels for him, but he has never made any serious move to you – showing that he also has the same feeling. You’re clearly wondering whether he likes your or not, right? Well, sometimes even the simplest things can really mean a lot. If you want to impress him or to make him fall for you, have you ever said the right words? Have you ever said things that may put him off or insult him without you even realizing it?

There are certain words that can really make a guy fall for you…hard. The words that are coming out from your mouth may seem unimportant, but people can judge you from the things you’ve said. If you like saying sweet and ‘soft’ things, people can see you as a friendly person that cares about other people. But if you often say harsh words with foul language, can you guess what others think about you?

So, what are the sweet words that can really have huge effects on him? What are the romantic things to say to make him fall for you? The first thing that often slips out of our mind is ‘Thank You’. A simple ‘thank you’ can really make him look at you in different ways. If you say these words when he’s opening the door for you, when he’s giving you flowers, when he’s driving you around, or on many other occasions that he’s willing to spend his time to do nice and sweet things for you, you already have his heart; especially when you’re saying it truly from your heart. Your eyes and smile can confirm whether you truly mean it or not. He’ll feel very much appreciated and he knows deep down inside that his presence is important for you.

The second words are “I Miss You”. No matter how independent you are, when you’re saying these words, he knows that you hold him dear in your heart and you need him to be around. He’ll feel needed and appreciated, and guys really like it when they know they’re needed. These words may seem simple, but the effects are just marvelous since it’s really able to move the feeling of even the toughest guy.

The third words are “Things Aren’t the Same without You”. When you say these words to him, he’ll know that you really enjoy the times you’ve spent with him and having him around is very important for you – as it is for him.

The fourth words are “You Take My Breath away”. These words aren’t only working nicely for ladies like you – they can work very well for guys, too. Everyone likes to look good and smashing, especially for their partners. When you say these things, you’re certainly boosting his ego in the sweetest way without sounding so corny.

The fifth words are the most common words we often say. “I Love You” is the simplest yet the most effective way to show him how you truly feel about him. You don’t need to say these words too often, but when you’re able to say it during special events or occasions, you’ve successfully made your way to his heart.