Secret Admirer to someone you want someday as your lover

Someday I hope
To be your best friend and lover
But for now myself
I can’t uncover

Each day that passes
I just let you get by
My courage escapes me
I guess I’m too shy

Everything would change
If I’d just make a move
I guess I’m afraid
That you won’t approve

I’m trying to be careful
I don’t want to be left heartbroken
Because the timing was wrong
Or I was too outspoken

Know that my feelings for you
Are true and sincere
You’d feel it in your heart
If only you were here

I long to embrace you
And hold you close
But to be your best friend and lover
I desire the most

Everything comes in due time
I’ll reveal myself someday
When the time comes
I hope you don’t push me away

Since the day we met
You’ve been on my mind
Maybe someday soon
You’ll be all mine

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