Romantic Poems for Sentimental Moments

romantic poems

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Endless torments dwell about thee:
Yet who would live, and live without thee!

Rosamond, Act iii. Sc J. ADDISON.

If there’s delight in love, ’tis when I see
The heart, which others bleed-for, bleed for me.

Way of the World, Act iii Sc W. CONGREVE

Give, you gods,
Give to your boy, your Caesar,
The rattle of a globe to play withal,
This gewgaw world, and put him cheaply off;
I’ll not be pleased with less than Cleopatra

All for Love, Act ii. Sc J. DRYDEN.

Much ado there was, God wot;
He woold love, and she woold not,
She sayd, “Never man was trewe;”
He sayes, “None was false to you.”

Phillida and Corydon N. BRETON.

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Forty thousand brothers
Could not, with all their quantity of love,
Make up my sum.

Hamlet, Act v. Sc SHAKESPEARE

Love, then, hath every bliss in store;
‘Tis friendship, and ’tis something more
Each other every wish they give;
Not to know love is not to live

Plutus, Cupid, and Time J. GAY

What thing is love?–for (well I wot) love is a thing
It is a prick, it is a sting,
It is a pretty, pretty thing;
It is a fire, it is a coal,
Whose flame creeps in at every hole!

The Hunting of Cupid G. PEELE

With a smile that glowed
Celestial rosy red;
love’s proper hue

Paradise Lost, Bk. VIII MILTON

Love, like death, Levels all ranks,
and lays the shepherd’s crook Beside the sceptre

Lady of Lyons E. BULWER-LYTTON

Sweet to entrance
The raptured soul by intermingling glance

Psyche MRS. M. TIGHE.

Our souls sit close and silently within,
And their own web from their own entrails spin;
And when eyes meet far off, our sense is such,
That, spider-like, we feel the tenderest touch

Marriage a la Mode, Act ii. Sc J. DRYDEN.

Of all the paths that lead to a woman’s love Pity’s the straightest.

Knight of Malta, Act i. Sc BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.

So mourned the dame of Ephesus her love;
And thus the soldier, armed with resolution,
Told his soft tale, and was a thriving wooer.

Shakespeare’s King Richard III. (Altered), Act ii. Sc. 1C. CIBBER.

The Devil hath not, in all his quiver’s choice,
An arrow for the heart like a sweet voice.

Don Juan, Canto XV LORD BYRON

If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully;
Or, if thou think’st I am too quickly won,
I’ll frown, and be perverse, and say thee nay,
So thou wilt woo; but, else, not for the world.

Romeo and Juliet, Act v. Sc. 2 SHAKESPEARE.

Read it, sweet maid, though it be done but slightly:
Who can show all his love doth love but lightly.

Sonnet S. DANIEL.

Love first invented verse, and formed the rhyme,
The motion measured, harmonized the chime.

Cymon and Iphigenia J. DRYDEN.

None without hope e’er loved the brightest fair,
But love can hope where reason would despair.