Romantic Date Ideas to Make You Smile


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romantic-ideas-to-smileIf we assume everyone loves to smile and be cheerful, then we stand more of a chance to make our romantic date idea a success. When arranging a first date it is therefore important to find out as much as possible about the person, before we book a venue or pay for the champagne. Ask what the object of your desire would like to do on your date – or ask their friends and colleagues. We usually let our defences down with people we know well and feel relaxed with, so they are best suited to give advice on what romantic date idea will bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

For people who love outdoor pursuits a romantic date idea such as a hike along the Colonial Coast Birding Trail in Georgia will be perfect. Take your loved one to salt marsh and wetlands habitat of some three hundred species of birds. Be a wildlife photographer and explorer for the day and ask your loved one to pose for photographs against the stunning background of tidal rivers, setting sun and rose-tinted skies. After the date be sure to let your loved one have framed pictures of your special time together – and watch how they smile when they remember how you spotted a rare bird together or when you surprised them with a picnic basket full of their favourite food.

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If your loved one isn’t the outdoor type, there are still lots of romantic date ideas that might make them smile…how about a weekend away which includes a pottery course and lets you recreate that sexy scene from Ghost? Or take your loved one to a spa where you can both relax and be pampered – and follow up this special day with a meal at home, ordered in from your loved one’s favourite restaurant with a waiter to serve the dishes.

Snuggling up in a sleeping bag under the stars at a campsite in Black Rock Mountain State Park or going on a wine tasting at Georgia’s fine Chateau Elan, a 16th century style chateau surrounded by vineyards, are wonderful ways to enjoy a weekend away and are bound to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Making our romantic date ideas fun and relaxing by allowing the other person and ourselves to stay true to our own nature is the most important thing to remember – we don’t like being forced into things we’d rather not do.

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Author: Justin Anumiri
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