Birthday Present For Girlfriend

Buying gifts for any girl isn’t an easy experience in itself, but when it comes to buying a birthday present for your girlfriend everything becomes ten times harder. There are just so many gift ideas out there it can be difficult to choose the right gift. In this article, I am hopefully going to give you a few ideas that you can use to choose the ultimate birthday present.

Before we delve into what you should buy, let’s consider what you shouldn’t buy! For a start, when you are buying presents for a woman, clothes are a big no. This is because they love to choose exactly what they want to look like, and you buying clothes is basically saying “you’re not good enough in what you wear”. Also try not to get a present which you are going to enjoy a lot more than her, I have lost count of how many guys have lost a little bit of their relationship because they thought sports tickets were the ideal present for their girlfriend.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s consider what you can get her! For a start, the birthday present for your girlfriend should reflect how long you have been in a relationship. You don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on jewellery for her if you have been together a month or so. It may scare her off. In this situation, perhaps a stuffed toy, chocolates and a meal out should be suffice. You really don’t need to go crazy, you just need to show that you have made an effort. That really is all that she wants.

If you have been in a slightly longer relationship then there are a lot of things that you can give her for a birthday present. Try some of these ideas:
[list style=”3″ underline=”1″]

  • Jewellery, this is always going to go down well! Don’t just go out there and wildly buy something though, instead study the types of jewellery that she normally wears and buy something similar to this! It will go down a treat.
  • Concert Tickets to go and see her favourite band, or if she enjoys musicals concert tickets to see a band located close by. Again, going to go down amazingly.
  • A romantic getaway. This is perfect, especially if you can combine it with a delightful meal at a restaurant close by. It is best to spring this upon her the day she is leaving, she will love it, trust me!
  • A pamper day! Every girl loves being pampered and there are plenty of websites online that allow you to buy these experiences.
  • [/list]
    Hopefully this has given you a few ideas about what you can get as a birthday present for your girlfriend. As I have said numerous times throughout this article, the best thing you can buy her is something that she wants. So don’t forget to ask questions, subtlety of course, and hopefully you should be able to find the perfect gift for her!

    Authentic and Finest Christmas Presents for Wife

    It іѕ knоwn fact that when іt соmеѕ tо finding the rіght gift fоr women during Christmas оr оthеr occasion men find themselves іn the mоѕt bewildering situation. Thеу bесоmе ѕо confused аѕ nоthіng ѕееmѕ tо соmе tо their heads аѕ Christmas gifts. If уоu аrе аlѕо facing the ѕаmе situation аnd саnnоt decide the Christmas present fоr wife, hеrе wе ѕhаll discuss сеrtаіn unique gifts that wіll hеlр уоu relax frоm this stress.

    Men don’t dislike the idea оf shopping Christmas gifts fоr their wives. But they dislike the blank state оf mind that appears when they gо оut tо shop. Thеrе аrе ѕо mаnу things аnd ѕо variations that they gеt confused аѕ what wіll рlеаѕе their wives. Christmas gifts ѕееm tо bе the daunting task fоr them. In this discussion wе ѕhаll соmе tо ѕоmе unique gifts that wіll hеlр уоu choose оnе оf two аѕ perfect Christmas presents fоr wife.

    Christmas Cupid’s Secret Hamper: Gift hampers аrе аrоund during Christmas, but fоr wives аnd girl friends the cupid’s secret hamper wоuld bе the bеѕt choice. Yоu саn dеfіnіtеlу expect things іnѕіdе the hamper that wіll impress уоur wife. And ѕіnсе іtѕ cupid’s secret expect ѕоmе sensuality аnd assortment оf romantic things inside it. Thе moment уоur wife unwraps the gift pack, ѕhе wіll find things that wіll set the mood fоr the mоѕt romantic Christmas уоu еvеr hаd аnd since Christmas іѕ the time when уоu express аll уоur feelings open heartedly, уоu ѕhоuld trу this hamper аnd tеll уоur wife hоw muсh уоu love you.

    Take hеr tо а Candle Light Dinner: Bring bасk the energy оf youthful days оr days when уоu dated еасh other. Remember hоw pleasant іt wаѕ tо meet hеr аt ѕuсh restaurants аnd оthеr places that created ѕоmе magical moments аnd bоth оf уоu wеrе attracted tоwаrdѕ еасh other. Tаkе hеr tо ѕuсh а pleasant аnd romantic atmosphere tо express уоur desires fоr hеr аnd lеt hеr knоw that уоu ѕtіll love hеr the ѕаmе when уоu fіrѕt ѕаw her.

    Spa Treatment: Nоthіng саn bе bеttеr than а de-stressful session іn а perfect spa. Yоu саn gеt hеr а package fоr spa treatment іn оnе оf the finest Spas іn the city. It іѕ а wау tо show hоw muсh уоu care fоr hеr beauty, health аnd hеr likes.

    With ѕuсh ideas I hope уоu wіll bе аblе tо find mоrе innovative methods tо рlеаѕе her. Roll thе cells оf уоur brain аnd find ѕоmеthіng dіffеrеnt fоr hеr this Christmas.

    How to Make Your Wife Happy – Saying the Right Things On Valentines Day

    What day іѕ it?”, “Time tо gеt up” оr “It’s уоur turn tо cook breakfast” аrе nоt good ways tо start the morning when іt іѕ Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day уоu nееd tо think аbоut а wау that уоu саn add romance tо уоur conversations wіth уоur wife оr girlfriend all-day-long. One guru that I wаѕ speaking tо rесеntlу told mе that hе tells men that Valentine’s Day іѕ the time tо buy уоur wife flowers, chocolates аnd а personal gift. Yes, that wоuld bе nice, but аll men аrе nоt mаdе оf money аnd there are practical implications tо spending money when іt is needed elsewhere.

    So, whether оr nоt уоu decide tо buy hеr а lot оf presents, I wаnt tо tеll уоu аbоut hоw tо speak аnd act оn this special day. Whether уоu аrе 24 years оld оr 69 years оld оr аnу оthеr age іt іѕ important tо remember that уоur wife јuѕt wаntѕ tо bе the mоѕt important person іn уоur life аnd ѕhе wаntѕ tо hear уоu tеll hеr that іn numerous ways.When уоu open уоur eyes іn the morning, уоu саn start wіth ѕоmеthіng sincere аbоut hоw уоu feel аbоut her.

    Yоu саn preface іt bу ѕауіng –

    “Today іѕ Valentine’s Day аnd I knоw іt іѕ аn important day fоr those оf uѕ іn love.” And then уоu соuld gо оn tо ѕау “I јuѕt wanted уоu tо knоw hоw muсh I love you.” Or “and ѕо today I’m gоіng tо spend іt making уоu happy.” Or “and I јuѕt wаnt уоu tо knоw that I think уоu аrе the #1 wife аnd mother іn the whole wide world!”

    It’s important that what уоu ѕау іѕ what уоu mеаn аnd that уоu ѕау іt іn уоur оwn words. Yоu don’t wаnt уоur wife оr girlfriend ѕауіng “Did уоu read hоw tо dо this оn the internet?” Thе sentiments that уоu speak muѕt bе уоur sentiments. I аm оnlу hеrе tо give уоu а guide аnd ideas аbоut what уоu саn tеll her.Jeannie tells this story: “My husband isn’t а vеrу talkative man аnd hе hаѕ аlwауѕ told mе that I аm the romantic оnе іn the family аnd I’m іn charge оf ѕауіng romantic things. Sо wе devised а lіttlе dialogue that wе саn use. I ѕау “Say ѕоmеthіng romantic” аnd hе ѕауѕ “You hаvе great legs”. And then wе laugh.

    What I lіkе аbоut іt іѕ that theу helped create the dialogue аnd that іt іѕ their personal lіttlе game that іѕ оnlу bеtwееn them. Hаvіng special songs, jokes, dialogues, secrets bеtwееn еасh оthеr that аrе meant јuѕt fоr the two оf уоu adds intimacy аnd specialness – nоt tо mention – romance tо уоur relationship.You don’t hаvе tо bе fancy! Simple words аrе great.

    Quoting Browning wіth “How dо I love thee, Lеt mе count the ways” іѕ nice but quoting poetry isn’t mandatory! Yоur оwn words аrе саn bе јuѕt аѕ meaningful.”I love уоu honey” gоеѕ аlоng wау when іt јuѕt pops оut еvеrу ѕо often. Men who live bу the slogan “I told уоu when I married уоu that I loved уоu аnd іf I change mу mind I’ll lеt уоu know” don’t hаvе а long shelf life аѕ а husband оr boyfriend! Don’t bе afraid tо tеll уоur wife hоw уоu feel аbоut her.

    Other things that уоu саn compliment hеr оn include nоt оnlу the wау ѕhе lооkѕ but hоw ѕhе acts. “I rеаllу lіkеd hоw уоu dealt wіth the kids this morning аt breakfast. Yоu hаvе а rеаllу good wау wіth children – I’m ѕо lucky tо hаvе уоu аѕ the mother оf mу children.” Appreciation gоеѕ а long wау іn аnу relationship. Bеіng appreciative іѕ аnоthеr wау tо bе romantic еѕресіаllу іf уоu include а kiss wіth the positive statement.And јuѕt bеfоrе уоu close уоur eyes оn Valentine’s night, remember tо еnd the day wіth а romantic word оr two. “You аrе ѕо beautiful аnd I’m ѕо proud tо bе уоur husband.” оr “That wаѕ а great day wе hаd together, I’m ѕо lucky tо hаvе уоu fоr а wife аnd bеѕt friend.” “Good night, darling!”

    5 Most romantic things to say to a girl

    Gentlemen, how many times you’ve found yourself with the right girl, wrapped in one another’s arms to create the right moment but have been lost for words? Words that could melt her heart and do justice to the roller-coaster of love you’re feeling within you?

    Well, you can avoid yourself the embarrassment by reading up these tips on the Most Romantic Things to Say to YOUR Girl.

    [list style=”2″ underline=”1″]

  • You are my companion, confidante, love and life
    Simple, yet honest is always effective. Telling her that she is everything and anything you could ever ask for is the most wonderful way to get her to believe in your love for her.
  • You complete me
    Tom Cruise had all the women in the world go ‘aawww’ when he said these words to a demure Renee Zellweger. Though clichéd, ‘You complete me’ is the most wholesome and lovable thing you can tell your woman. It will melt her anger away in a jiffy and forgiveness shall be dispensed without further ado.
  • I love what I become when I am with you
    Very few things can brighten a girl up as much as her knowing that she has a positive and great impact on your life and your being. Let her in on how she is an indispensable part of your life and that you are the best you will ever be thanks to her.
  • You look pretty without any make-up, just the way you are
    Every woman is beautiful in her way. And she loves nothing more than being told so; especially by her man. When you see her next, admire her face, look deep into her eyes and say with all your heart how beautiful you think she is.
  • You’re smile can brighten up the most dullest of days
    Being Romantic in other words means showering her with compliments. Praising her hairstyle, getting mesmerized by her eyes and being bamboozled by her smile. When you want to lighten up her mood simply gush about her beauty and she’ll wrap you in her arms sooner than you could wish for a hug.
  • [/list]

    Be More Romantic To Melt Your Girlfriend

    Do you want that you girlfriend get more impression to you? I know you try several things to get her attention but most of your plans go in vain. Here are some tips that can help you how to melt your lover’s heart.
    [list style=”3″ underline=”1″]

  • Give jewellery.melt-your-girlfriend
  • Send expensive flowers.
  • Notice her when she is wearing something new.
  • Get your girlfriend to a cabin with a fireplace and build her a fire.
  • Buy her the preferred rock album of all time on vinyl.
  • Call your darling just before you board the airplane.
  • Order coffee/drinks for her, remembering exactly what she loves.
  • Ask to dance.
  • Kiss your spouse’s eyelids.
  • If she is crying over the phone, immediately go to her place.
  • Call her as soon as you feel sad.
  • Sometimes call your girl by her first or middle name.
  • Put your arm around your lover when introduce her to your family and friends.
  • Kiss her soft hand in front of your most diehard single friends.
  • Ask her some precise questions about her recent work.
  • In the middle of any discussion, tell your partner how much you love her.
  • Take your girl to watch your favorite sport live. But give more attention to your one than to the game.
  • Mention the forthcoming anniversary before your partner does.
  • Kiss in the erogenous area between your partner shoulder blades when she just turns her bottom to you to go to sleep.
  • Hug her tightly when she feels jealous.
  • Read her any interesting story when her turn to drive in a long drive trip.
  • Send her anything through the mail.
  • Make love to your spouse standing up, touching a wall.
  • Moan her name crazily as soon as she goes down on you.
  • Hand her towels after she comes out completing shower.
  • When she comes down the street, or up the stairs to see you, strolls towards her until you see her.
  • Pick your spouse clothes up off the floor.
  • Touch her arm softly while you leave the table for the bathroom. And touch her again while you back.
  • Ask to see any photo of her when she was a teen.
  • On windy days, brush unruly strands of hair from her face, eyes and mouth.
  • When she feels insecure, just stare into her eyes and say to her there is nobody in the earth who would be as perfect for you as she is.
  • Worship her boobs.
  • During the shower, wash her from head to toe.
  • Try to make her a smile when she feels down.
  • Keep your girlfriend preferred cereal on hand.
  • Get her naked on a well-built chair and suck between her legs until she gets a mind-blowing orgasm.
  • Undress and get her to bed when she gets asleep in the car.
  • Shave before you meet her.
  • Praise her beauty.
  • Grab her hand when she walks by with a scantily dressed.
  • [/list]
    Practice some of above method and see how your beloved die on you.

    10 Creative Romantic Ideas

    1. Induce Love by dedicating songs via email

    It is the basis of any relationship to induce love. This technique really does wonders if your kiss-my-necksweetie is far from you i.e. in a long distance relationship. Whenever, on any occasion or just randomly, pick up the most romantic songs and dedicate to her. These could be either in English or any other language so long the message is clearly sent across. This is a good way of sharing your love if you have been talking via email. It shows how much you care for her. Add a note like ‚I always miss you sweetie and this song goes out for you.

    2. Induce Love by sending short messages.

    It is typical for a middle class income earner to work all day long at the office and come back home tired. The entire day spent at office should never be without getting in touch with your loved one at home at least once. Send love sms to your sweetheart. During conversation ask her what she is doing and if she replies something like ‚working‛, ‚too tired cleaning up!‛, ‚handling the kids work‛ then reply ‚Don’t spend all of your energy honey. Save some of it for tonight ‛ This is definite to bring a smile on her face and she would wait anxiously for you to return back home.

    3. Long drive holding hands together

    Either you are newly married or just wandering out, utilize each and every single moment with her. Do not miss out any moment. Off course it looks stupid kissing while driving, although that can be done but more feasible is holding hands while driving on a long ride. This shows how deeply you are connected with her. Feel the warmth of her hand. At times while you are being romantic during driving, bring variations in your grip. Let her feel the depth of your grip. Whenever you get chance, kiss her wrist softly as it signals the act of worship. Make sure to have a mesmerizing environment in the car by spraying her favorite perfume or car spray. Enjoy the long drive gossiping about the most important aspects of your life. Keep the conversation light and DO NOT talk about any unimportant issues of life such
    as budget, economic conditions etc. These conversations would turn her off.

    4. Watching movie together & kissing wherever possible

    Haven’t watched a movie yet? Or got to see one just like another movie? Well, this time turn your movie watching experience into a romantic and fabulously adventurous one. Make a list of movies that you know of are romantic. Get online and look for various Bond movies or romantic movies like The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, A walk to remember etc. Watch the entire movie with lights off at your home while cuddling your darling in your arms. Make sure to get wrapped up in blanket and always have accessories like drinks, popcorns and remote control at hand before you watch any movie or else it would ruin your experience.While watching you should know where actually the romantic scenes come and try to do them with you loved one. However nothing can be done instantaneously.

    During watching, fondle with your sweetheart here and there, sometimes kissing her forehead, sometimes lips and other times her cheeks. Give her indirect signals to get ready for something big i.e. lovemaking. Now, when any romantic scene pops up, most probably your sweetie would become shy but don’t let her shyness dominate you. Instead go for it and practice what’s shown on the scene.

    5. Sudden kiss unexpectedly while she is on the phone

    This one is really surprising, intimidating and seductive. Attack her while she is talking on the phone at any time either form the back or front, suddenly planting a soft kiss on her lips. This would make her confused and the other party on the phone would wonder where the voice has lost? She would try her level best not to let the other party know what has been boiling up. Do this when you are sure she is on the phone with her friend or family members. You can even fondle lightly on her breasts, cheeks, shoulders or neck. This would distract and her to cut the phone and get engaged with you.

    6. Get a note of what she says

    In today’s fast paced lives, getting issues and small things noted on a piece of diary has become too hard of a task for anyone of us. Make it a habit to note down what she likes about you and what she wants to be improved in you. Jot them down in your separate diary without showing her. Then, try to improve on your weaknesses one by one. In weeks she would notice that you have become THE man for her. No wonders, her amazement would never stop there as she would find you to be the perfect one that she ever wanted.

    7. Unexpectedly lifting her

    Women, especially Asian women are shy to express their feelings. Many times they do give indirect signals but husbands fail to realize these strong signals of love or expression. If the next time she says ‚Sweetie, I can’t walk‛, do not reply ‚Oh God, what happened? Let me take you to the doctor!‛ You never know she might be signaling you to lift her up so that she can cuddle you like a small baby. Understand these small factors that bring in a lot of joy and success in married life. It is destined for males to be powerful and able enough to lift their sweethearts and carry them all around the house. Make sure you do it to win her heart and worship you in bed while you need her. This would really turn her on and while you have lifted, her lips, neck and breasts can be easily enjoyed. Let your tongue and lips do the magic slowly sucking on them. Perhaps this might be what she wanted after all.

    8. Tell her that you now also love someone else i.e. your baby

    Babies are blessings of God and perhaps there can’t be any moment in life that beats kiss-your-girlfriend-whenever-possiblemaximum happiness when a couple finds out that they are going to be blessed with a baby. How do you share this feeling with her? When you get the pregnancy report, consult with the doctor and confirm the good news. On your way home be normal and when you enter act as if nothing had happened.

    Obviously she would not get a wind of what happened to you; however she deserves to know it. Start off slowly by saying ‚hmm, sweeties, I do not know how to say it, but… I have fallen in love with someone else from now and I’m sure you would love that special someone too.‛ She might get shocked or even nervous. This could be it to give her the signal, however these signals are hardly recognized by shy ladies that belong from the Asian background. ‚What, who, how, and why would I love that someone? Are you trying to cheat on me?‛ Softly reply ‚Sweetie we are going to witness a new addition to our family. You are expecting and going to be blessed by the title of mother, and I by a father.‛ Give her a cuddle and wipe her tears if she cries.

    9. Use variations in speed while lovemaking

    Lovemaking is the foundation of any marriage. Whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Hinduism the essence of lovemaking is essential not only for reproduction but also for peace, tranquility and health of the couple. In order to bring excitement, joy and pleasures each time you concrete your love with your sweetheart of life, make sure to bring in variations and changes so that both of you can get benefits. In this scenario, use variations in speed. Sometimes, be fast, wild and adventurous exploring each part of her body and at other times do all of those activities slowly. Feel the warmth of her breath at your neck and show her how deeply you lover her.

    10. Listen to romantic, soft and sex seducing songs while lovemaking

    Change is inevitable in every part of life and the situation is no different than being romantic as well. While enjoying sex with your sweetie, bring in changes and add soft & elegant touch of music. Songs of Enigma ignite sexual desires and if heard while lovemaking can really get the best out of both of you. Depends upon the type of relationship you are into, if you want to hear the sounds your darling is making, then it would not be a wise idea to listen to music. On the other hand if you think music turns you on, then let it being played while having sex. Make sure to try different things while lovemaking and notice which one workout best for you, to have sex while listening songs or not.

    Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend: 3 Sweet Lines to Make Your Girlfriend Love You More

    romantic-things-to-say-to-herGirls love hearing sweet things from their boyfriends. As a boyfriend, it is your duty to keep your girl happy and secure. To do this, you have to know what sweet things to say to your girlfriend to make her fall even more in love with you.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, or have been in a relationship for years. What matters is that you always shower your girlfriend with romantic compliments that melt her heart.

    In fact, here are some sweet things to say to your girlfriend to help make you mean the world to her!

    1. How did I get so lucky?

    Of course, you just don’t say this as if you’re bewildered. One of the most important factors to consider when coming up with sweet things to say to your girlfriend is how you’re going to say it. This line, in particular, should be uttered with utmost affection.

    2. I don’t think I can ever get enough of you.

    Some girls might feel a little insecure ever now and then. These things come and go. As a sweet boyfriend, you should be able to make her realize that she doesn’t have to feel insecure.

    3. I will always love you.

    This can also be as direct and as simple as you want. This line is a favorite because it speaks of “I love you” on a whole new level. By saying these words, you’re pledging yourself to her, and there’s something universally romantic about that.

    There are more sweet things to say to your girlfriend that you can figure out yourself as time goes by. Just remember to mean what you say and be sincere about it. Even the simplest words go a long way when said with true affection.

    25 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend


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    Have you and your girlfriend seen one too many movies together? It may be time to add some fun to your dates! Here are 25 ideas for fun things the two of you can do together.
    Ah, love is in the air. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?If you’ve finally met the right girl and you want to make sure she stays around for a while, then you need to come up with some fun and creative things to do together.After all, dinner and a movie can get boring night after night after night.

    Here are 25 fun ideas for things that you and your girlfriend can do together:

    1. Cook together. Nothing is more romantic than making a meal together. Go to the grocery store and pick out your ingredients and then head for your kitchen. So you’re not a great cook? Make the salad while she makes the pasta.Make the sauce together. Open a bottle of wine and take your time preparing a meal to remember.

    2. Get pampered. Who says pedicures are just for women? Treat your girl to a day at the spa. As a special surprise, join her for a relaxing pedicure and massage. You’ll both feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards.

    3. Run a marathon together. So you’re a little out of shape? Start out by going for short jogs together and work your way up to a 5K run (3.2 miles). You’ll be ready for a marathon in no time flat.

    4. Read together. Find a book that interests you both and take turns reading it aloud to each other. Have a discussion about the book when you’re done.

    5. Go camping. Show your woman how to rough it by taking her on a camping trip. Explore nature while you’re out in the woods. Go for a long bike ride or a hike and look for interesting birds and butterflies. Pick wildflowers along the way.

    6. Build something together. An ongoing project is a great way to keep your relationship energized. Research for plans to build a bookcase or another piece of furniture. Build it and stain it together. The piece will be a one of a kind, long lasting reminder of something you did together.

    7. Take a walk down memory lane. Take your girlfriend to her hometown and do a tour of special places from her past. Drive to the home she grew up in, the schools she went to, her favorite hangouts, etc. Then, take her to your hometown and do the same.

    8. Go shopping together. Most men hate shopping and women know it. But by accompanying your girl to the mall you can get a good taste of what she likes to shop for, which can come in handy when it’s gift-giving time.Utilize her fashion savvy and let her pick out an outfit for you. Treat her to a special lunch afterwards.

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    9. Go on a picnic. Surprise her by packing a picnic lunch of sandwiches, fruit and cheese and eat lunch on a blanket in the park. Afterwards, fly a kite together.

    10. Go to the zoo. You don’t need to have a little kid with you to have an excuse to go to the zoo. Take your girlfriend and enjoy all the unique and exotic animals. If you haven’t been to the zoo in a while, you may have forgotten how much fun it can be.

    11. Work out together. Join a gym together and run on the treadmill, use the exercise machines and lift weights. You’ll both get fit and you’ll be motivated to go if you do it together.

    12. Go caroling. Sound corny, but it’s fun. If it’s holiday time, shock your girl by suggesting that you go to a retirement home to sing to the elderly residents. Even if she snickers at the suggestion, she’ll be secretly impressed by your kindness. But if she says yes, you’d better be ready to sing!

    13. Go to an apple orchard. Pick a bushel of apples and make homemade apple pie together. If neither of you are great bakers, learn together.

    14. Get spiritual. If you and your girl practice different religions, try visiting each other’s church once in a while. It’s important to share in something so important, especially if marriage is in your future. If neither of you are religious, try to find a place of worship to visit together. You may be touched in a way you didn’t expect.

    15. Change your oil and knit a scarf. The two of you can teach each other things– so share your knowledge!Next time her car is due for an oil change, do it together in your driveway. Then, sit down with her and learn how to knit, sew, cook or whatever else her specialty may be.

    16. Go bowling, roller skating, ice skating or play a round of miniature golf. Better yet, if you’re an avid golfer, take her to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. You may soon find that you have a new golfing buddy.

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    17. Play tennis. Brush up on your skills and hit the courts– this is a game you can enjoy together on an ongoing basis. If tennis isn’t your thing, try ping pong.

    18. Take an adult education class together. Many local schools offer adult evening classes. You can take a cooking class or learn about wine tasting, art or computers.

    19. Go to garage sales. Get up early on a Saturday morning and take your girl on a whirlwind ride to all the area garage sales.Or, scour all of the local antique shops for unique finds.

    20. Get your fortune told. Even if you both scoff at the thought of psychics, go to one together just for fun.It will be interesting to see what the psychic predicts for your future together.

    21. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Have you ever seen one of those beautiful balloons in the sky and wished it were you? Consult a local balloon riding company and book a romantic early morning ride for you and your sweetie.

    22. Play paintball. Get your adrenaline rushing by challenging your girl to a game of paintball tag.Check the yellow pages for a paintball facility near you.

    23. Go boating, skiing, or horseback riding. Rent a boat and sail along the river. Or trek to the nearest mountain and hit the slopes.Even if you’ve never set foot on a horse, try taking a lesson together.

    24. Enjoy the local culture. Go to museums, galleries and local historical sites. Learn about your neighborhood together.

    25. Finally, go to a professional photo studio and have your portrait taken together. It will be a lifetime memory of your happy relationship and it may come in handy some day in the future– when you need a photo for the newspaper engagement announcement!

    Tips For Creating Romantic Pick Up Lines

    When it comes to approaching a woman and delivering romantic pick up lines there are three important tips I want to share with you. Before I begin, I just want to give you a bit about my background. You see I used to be really shy around women. All my friends could hold a conversion with women and have a good laugh.

    I would just really anxious and then go bright red in the face. I couldn’t string more than two words together and my voice was really quiet and soft instead of my normal loud confident tone.

    I started to copy my friends chat up lines as it worked for them but did not get quite the same level of success with women.

    I am going to share the 3 tips I discovered so any pick up lines you create will work for you.

    1. Your romantic pick up lines must be seen as genuine

    Women like to feel important. They want the magical fairy tale romance story to come true for them. They want a prince to come along and whisk them away like a princess.

    The problem with just repeating someone else’s chat up line is it is not genuine. Women are really good at spotting fakes.

    If the line does not reflect your personality and character, the in congruence will be a massive turn off for the girl. They will know you have just been playing a numbers game and saying the same line to lots of girls hoping you find the one that works.

    2. Your romantic pick up lines must show you to confident but not arrogant

    Another important trait a woman is looking for in a man is confidence. A woman by instinct wants a man who will offer them security. They want a man who is strong mentality and can provide for them. Women do not want a man who goes bright red in the face and starts to sweat.

    Approaching a women with your awesome line is the important first impression. The girl must see you as confident. They will listen to a confident and genuine person as it is of interest and will get attention. The mistake is going to far and being overly confident so you just come across as arrogant or cocky.

    You need to show your confidence straight away but then move the interest over to them. Do not keep talking about yourself. Be interested in the girl.

    3. Your romantic pick up lines must start a conversation.

    An important part of any line is to invoke a response from the girl. I see so many men who ask as closed question where the girl can only say yes or no. It is a conversation killer. You need to create lines that are open and invite a response that starts a conversation. A pick up line opens the door. Have a conversation with the girl is what will take the dating success to new levels.

    Implement these three tips into your pick up arsenal to get the results with women you dream of. Anyone, including you, can find their perfect mate using romantic pick up lines quickly and easily.

    Romantic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

    Wondering how to get your girlfriend back after you decided to go out with your buddies for a drink after work but ended up staying out all night? When something like this happens to a guy, they usually don’t know what to do next and are especially at a loss for words. In fact, many guys don’t end up reuniting with their girlfriends over meaningless incidences just because they are afraid they are going to do or say the wrong thing and make the situation even worse. Knowing the right things to say to your girlfriend, however, can help reduce the anxiety of an emotional confrontation with her, especially when you realize the problem is all your fault, and she probably won’t let you forget this!

    Say It and Mean It

    When you finally get a chance to speak to your angry girlfriend, make the most of the time you have before she has second thoughts about talking to you. Begin by saying something like:
    [list style=”3″ underline=”1″]

  • How did an idiot like me end up with the perfect girl?
  • You are my best friend in the whole world.
  • When we’re not together, I don’t feel like a complete person.
  • You helped me discover what love is.
  • You are my soul-mate. What else can I say?
  • Sometimes your beauty leaves me speechless–and this is one of those moments.
  • [/list]

    Guys find it hard to say things like this in a meaningful manner, so try to keep your voice low and controlled when injecting your apology with these romantic assertions. Also, look directly into her eyes when you are talking. Hold her hand. Put your arms around her. Give her a single red rose while you are apologizing. Touch her hair lightly. Sometimes physical communication speaks much more profoundly than words.

    After the Apology

    Even after she has forgiven you, she may exhibit behavior that gives you the impression that she hasn’t completely forgiven you, If this is the case, give her a romantic card or leave her a note with a love poem under her pillow. Make her feel like she has your full attention until you sense that she is finally starting to really forgive you. However, this doesn’t mean that you should start taking her for granted again. That ‘s what got you into this mess in the first place.

    Relationship issues will always arise every now and then but knowing how to diffuse them will make repairing the damage less painful and easier to manage emotionally for the both of you.