5 Romantic Ideas


Who says being romantic is just the guy’s job? Think your relationship has become a little stagnant on the romance side? Instead of waiting for you guy to somehow read your thoughts and come up with your dream romantic gesture, why not try taking the reins once in a while? By being romantic yourself , you can not only inspire him to be romantic too, but you can have the power to come up with heaps of dazzling ideas to get him in the mood for romance. Not everyone has built-in romantic-ness but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy it. Some guys would even say they don’t know how to be romantic, so why not teach them in the ways of love? It’s just as fun surprising him with some quirky date ideas as it is for him, so set the pace, add a little competitive edge to get him trying some new things too. Here are some great ways to start your brainstorming, add little details yourself, got a favorite song? or a perfume he loves you wearing? make these creative ways to be romantic your own, it’s all in the little details that set your romance apart. Not sure if it’s “okay” to do something, don’t worry about it, it’s your romance, make your own traditions. You might feel silly but sometimes the silliest things become your greatest relationship traditions (e.g always kissing at a red light…)

1. Treasure Hunts

My fiance loves these! He’s had his turns creating the most awesome treasure hunts. But I love making them too. Add the excitement of finding things, as our men were born hunters you know. Just like when we were children, the novelty of a treasure hunt never wears off. You can make it a little more, shall I say, adult rated by getting him to search for thing you probably wouldn’t think of a prize when you were little. In our treasure hunts, my finance and I like to write cue cards hidden for each other to find. For example, you can get him to do a treasure hunt just in your room, hide the cards with little riddles on each of them to find the next clue. Leading him to a variety of items, like strawberries, glasses, rose petals…to name a few. To go even more grandeur, take the treasure hunt outside. We tried doing this in the city and it was great fun! We ended up in a science fair he had never been to but had always wanted to, we got lost on a bus, and ended up having the most heavenly muffins. The more personal the ideas, the better, as they show your partner you’re listening and appreciate him. Not all treasure hunts will go as planned, but that’s even better, add a bit of spontaneity and some tough riddles to get him totally consumed with your romantic idea.

2. Read to Him
It’s a rainy day, and you both just want to stay in bed, or hang out in the living room. If you’re a book worm like me, why not read out loud to him? My fiance always tells me if I didn’t have him, I would be buried in a book for the rest of life. I agree. He always wonders what it is I’m reading or so obsessed with that I’ll just sit there for hours not saying anything and hardly moving. ‘No I am not comatose’ I will reply, and then get back to reading. This romantic idea came to us a rainy day not too long ago. To spice things up, I read aloud a romance novel I had been dying to read, and so I thought why not share this experience with him? Let him know what all this fuss is about with women and romance novels. It’s great fun, choose a sexy chapter if you like, and inspire him to see romance from a women’s point of view. He can add his own storylines, or you can both laugh at how absurd the heroine in the novel acts when the hero announces his undying love for her. Romance novels are suppose to be silly, enjoy them together! :)

3. A Date She Wrote

Similar to treasure hunts, this romantic idea is where you take the reins! Plan a date, whether just for the morning, afternoon or night, or the whole weekend if you prefer. And when I say take the reins, you’ve got to put in some work girl. Every little detail from where you’re going to eat, to what activities, and the precise timing, this date is all on you. Create some ground rules, such as he can’t ask where he’s going and has to just go along with what you have planned. It will add a bit of mystery to the date and you’ll have so much fun watching him trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

If you’ve read that post, or are going to (please do), you’ll find it can be awesome fun times, and truly romantic for both of you. Plus it really gets the competitive juices going, after your turn, get him to try and see who can come up with the most meaningful and unique date ideas.

4.Write a Song

Now you don’t have to be a musical genius to do this. Get creative, write a poem, a rap, a weirdly awesome funk song. Whatever the type of song, or if you can sing or not, it is so cute to see the effort you’ve made. Write lyrics of memories the two of you share, make it an “us” song. The delivery is up to you, you can share it with others (embarrass him maybe a little) or it can be in the comfort of just the two of you. I know a friend who posted hers to facebook and only a limited number of people could see it. Or you can save it for a momentous event. Like at his birthday party or your wedding? :)

5.Take him for a run

The ever-original picnic date has had a few updates to its format the past few years. No longer does it just mean, bringing a blanket and some sandwiches and lemonade. Couples are getting more fancy these days, bringing a spread of cheeses, breads, wines and grapes. To take a more creative route to this time tested romantic idea, why not try making a ‘themed picnic’ for example bringing out the kid in both of you rather than the expected wine and dine opportunity. For food bring kiddy finger food, you know those ones you will always remember as a kid – cupcakes with love hearts on them, chicken nuggets, boiled eggs…random foods that bring a huge smile to both of your faces. And from there (after you are well rested and content) flip the switch take him for a run! It’s all been said before, exercise produces endorphins. Get those happy hormones packed into your date! Turn a simple picnic into a fun day out in the park, bring a soccer ball, or a frisby, and to make it more of a romantic idea than just a day at the park, make a game out of it. Whoever missed the frisby has to give the other a big hug, or a kiss on the cheek. You might find you’ll be losing on purpose. Or try using these games to tell each other inner thoughts. Ask him something he’s never told anyone before. Or a secret fear. Get to know each other like best friends. Because who doesn’t want the person they may spend the rest of their life to be their best friend too?